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Universal vacuum brush head


The Drevi universal vacuum brush head perfectly removes all animal fur from any surface. Significantly and visibly better results compared to other vacuum brush heads.


Perfect hair removal

The Drevi universal vacuum brush head perfectly removes all animal fur from any surface. Significantly and visibly better results compared to other vacuum brush heads.

Quick and simple vacuuming

Does vacuuming feel like a waste of time and energy for you? Would your much rather be doing something else with your time? The efficiency of this vacuum brush head is unique. It will make your vacuuming experience fast and easy, with clearly visible results that speak for themselves.

No need to remove the head

If you constantly have to remove your vacuum brush head when cleaning hard-to-reach places or sticky hairs, then we have great news for you! Forget having to pick fur by hand, the Drevi universal vacuum brush head’s friction power will easily remove even the stickiest fur from your carpets.

Less effort, more efficiency

From now on you will be able to vacuum quickly, more effectively, and effortlessly. If you feel that despite your efforts you can’t seem to get rid of the hair and fur from your carpets, then it may be time to change vacuum brush heads!

Easy to clean, durable material

The vacuum brush head is easy to clean and keeps its hair-removing properties for a long time. The lining can sometimes require washing, and once it’s clean and dry it can be put back and reused. It’s important to note that the lining should be put back the same way up – the bristles from the lining should be facing inwards towards each other – in its original position.

Use the head without the vacuum

Settees, carpets, small and even large rugs can be cleared of hairs and fur using the brush head, without having to bring out the vacuum cleaner.

Attach it to any vacuum

It can be attached to any vacuum’s tube, its diameter can be adjusted between 25 and 37 mm, so it can easily be attached to most domestic vacuum cleaners!

Fits into difficult places

The universal vacuum brush head’s flat surface can fit in places most vacuum heads can’t.

Collects dirt from its entire area

The biggest issue with standard vacuum cleaners is they only suck from the middle. The universal vacuum brush head collects dirt in its full width. The collected fur, hair, dirt, and lint are guided into the centre of the head where it can be sucked in easily.

Special fabric lining

The overall performance of your vacuum isn’t important. Thanks to its unique fabric lining, the vacuum brush head will easily collect any type of dirt from your settee, carpet, clothes, or rug. The vacuum brush head’s unique design consists of two removable fabric lining pieces, their bristles facing inwards towards each other, which collect all the dirt in the centre of the head, allowing the vacuum to suck it in easily.

Based on German technology

It is made in the EU from quality materials in automated manufacturing conditions. For 5 years we have been the unique distributor for this product, and have made it available for all animal lovers and carpet owners, including you.

Use it on its own

Use it by hand to quickly remove hairs and fur from your carpet.

It won’t damage your carpet

The Drevi universal vacuum brush head has a soft lining, so even the most expensive rugs can be cleaned safely without any damage!

Over 20 years on the market

This vacuum head has been available in Hungary for over 20 years. Many pet owners are familiar with the product and use it regularly. If you don’t own one yet, then the time has come for you to order one to make your cleaning experience fast and easy.