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Hoover head – technical details, sizing

  • base material: ABS plastic granules,
  • weight: 250 g,
  • sizing: height: 23 cm, width: 7 cm, (17.5 cm including the neck), length: 8 cm.


  • 360° rotatable neck.
  • Full width suction.
  • With the help of 2 pieces of insertable fabric linings, any type of dirt or contamination (hair, fur tufts originating from animals, etc.) can be easily removed by pushing the vacuum head back and forth on the surface. The dirt is then gathered to the centre of the head and can be vacuumed by even a lesser perfomance vacuum cleaner unit.
  • The special linings are removable and cleanable (with cream soapy lukewarm water and a nail brush).
  • The insets have a minimum lifespan of 3 years, and once they’re worn out, replacement insets can be ordered.
  • Due to its design, the vacuum head produces a vacuum on carpeted surfaces. It’s practical to open the aeration hole on the head and slightly tilt the vacuum’s tube to the side during use, since the smaller the angle between the tube and the vacuumed surface, the easier it is to push on carpeted surfaces.
  • It is also worth using on wooden flooring, linoleum, and tiles. It does not scratch any surfaces and there is no need to remove the head when employed around the edges, corners and borders of walls, since the head produces suction across its full width.