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These are real messages that our customers have sent to us

Best buy

"The first time I used the product, I didn’t expect such suction power. By tilting the tube slightly and turning the red ring around the head, cleaning the rug became an easy task." - Norbert


"With two dogs, a cat, and a rabbit, I never thought my carpets could be cleaned so easily without having to use a small brush by hand on all fours." - Márti

Really good

"I’ve been using it for nearly 2 weeks. It really works! I’ve successfully gotten rid of hairs, dog fur, and lint. I bought a spare so I hope it’ll last us a while. I strongly recommend it for everyone." - Hajni


"I’ve tried it a couple times, and couldn’t believe how much fur had been cleaned up. Definitely a worthwhile buy." - Reni

I’ve been waiting for this!

"I couldn’t wait to finally receive this product. It works just as well as I hoped, and cleans up all the fur from the house beautifully. Recommended." - Heni

Very good

"Very, very good" - Ingrid


"One of my best purchases so far. It works perfectly and makes keeping the house clean with my 2 cats and dog much easier." - Éva

Finally found it!!

"I’ve tried a lot of different products, finally here’s one that’s effective against animal fur. Excellent!" - Marcsi


"This product is quick and effective at removing animal fur and hair from rugs, carpets, and coats. It even removed matted cat fur from a washed carpet." - Zsolt

I can’t believe what it got out of the carpet

"Before the vacuum brush head arrived, I vacuumed once, then again with the new vacuum head. Fantastic, I can’t believe all the dirt it got out of the carpet…" - Zsuzsi

Very satisfied.

"I’m very satisfied. This product worked well for me!! I recommend it for everyone" - Bettina

I'm glad I bought it.

"Whoever came up with the idea is very smart! It made my life as a pet owner much easier. It also collects all the lint and bits of thread." - Zsuzsa

It works very well.

"It works very well. I’m glad I bought it in a bundle. Very useful!" - Vilmos

Worth it

"The head is very good in itself, however I’m glad I purchased an additional lining, as it needed replacing after six months. Frequent use causes it to lose efficiency, as they wrote." - Judit

Good stuff

"We bought it, we tried it, it worked." - Zoli

I love it

"I love this product! I have two long-haired cats, so naturally our furniture and carpets are covered in cat fur. I simply bring out the vacuum brush head and with a few motions it completely removes all traces of cat fur. The only downside is that the head is difficult to fix onto the vacuum cleaner tube, and will sometimes fall off, but my solution is I just use it by hand to clean. It’s a really good product!" - Erika


"Dear Krisztián, the product is spectacular, thank you for coming. I will recommend it to my pet owner friends! Respectfully, B Zsuzsa" - B Zsuzsa

I am happy

"I’m glad that after 10 years this product is on the “market” again. My problem is solved" - Béla

The best product

"My girlfriend and I were watching the videos then decided to order the 2 vacuum brush heads + 2 sets of fabric lining bundle for 10 500 HUF, and sure enough the clothes brush was included as a gift. The greatest product we’ve ordered so far." - Gátiné

I can only recommend it

"The only problem I had was assembling it, but I read the tutorial which explained it clearly. I can’t recommend it enough. Thank you." - Erika

Fair seller

"They say there aren’t any good salesmen in this country… They’re wrong. On-time delivery, excellent product, VAT invoice, warranty included." - Kitti

Great idea for everyone!!

"An excellent idea for everyone!! I purchased 3 vacuum brush heads for the price of 13 500 HUF and received a clothes brush for free. So I paid a third of the price for delivery, and I even received a brush that I can give away as a nameday gift or for any other occasion." - Feri

This is awesome

"I didn’t believe what I saw in the video, but it said 3 months warranty and your money back so I said why not. But this is a fantastic product, not a single hair on my rug..." - Gizus

Tested on all sorts of rugs and clothes

"Hello cat and dog people! Here’s your solution for easily removing animal fur from your household. This is not an advertisement, I’m just sharing my experience with you, and this product works just as well that they claim! Tested on all sorts of rugs and clothes. J" - Kocsis Mariann

Fantastic, incredible

“Before the vacuum brush head arrived, I vacuumed once, then again with the new vacuum head. Fantastic, I can’t believe all the dirt it got out of the carpet…” – Zsuzsi

Two dogs, a cat and a rabbit

“With two dogs, a cat, and a rabbit, I never thought my carpets could be cleaned so easily without having to use a small brush by hand on all fours.” – Márti

I didn’t expect such suction power

“The first time I used the product, I didn’t expect such suction power. By tilting the tube slightly and turning the red ring around the head, cleaning the rug became an easy task.” – Norbert

It fur from a matted rug

"It collects fur from a matted rug, however it proved less efficient with the hairs that got caught between dense artificial hairy materials. The suction power has little to do with the head, and more to do with the vacuum cleaner’s power. There are similar products for 1600 HUF that provide similar results" - Judit


"Excellent product!" - Attila

I am very satisfied

"I’m very satisfied with the product! It worked perfectly for me!! I recommend it for everyone" - Bettina

The product is good

"The product is good, however the delivery was a problem! They mixed up the delivery and the billing addresses." - Ildi

I’m absolutely satisfied

"I’m absolutely satisfied with the vacuum brush head and the clothing brush. It’s a huge help in keeping our rugs clean. Thank you for the quick delivery!" - Attila

I love it!

"I love it! Excellent! It works on clothes, carpets, furniture, fabrics… everything!" - Bea és Zsolt

It works very well

"We purchased the Drevi universal vacuum brush head set recently. It works very well on long- and short-fur rugs, wooden and stone floors. I’m completely satisfied! I absolutely recommend it for everyone! It’s a huge help in our everyday lived! Thank you!" - Timea

I’m satisfied

“I’m completely satisfied with every part of the bundle. It collects dog fur very nicely and makes for a much more thorough cleaning experience.” – Judit

I love it

“I was already familiar with the product, I love it, it’s very useful, and I can’t recommend it enough.” – Bori

I am completely satisfied

“I am completely satisfied with the product, and would absolutely recommend it to everyone! The delivery was very fast! Excellent business management! Thank you!” - Zoltán

Excellent product

“This is true I can prove it, an excellent product” – Katalin

Very good

“It’s very good for me” – Ingrid

It collects all sorts of lint nicely!

“I have one too, it really does collect all sorts of lint nicely!“ – Nelli


“I have one, it’s good” – Monika

It worked perfectly for me!

“It worked perfectly for me! I have two long-haired cats.” – Aniko

I ordered it a week ago, and it’s fantastic!

“I ordered it a week ago, and it’s fantastic! I struggled for 40 minutes with a standard vacuum brush head, but the results were nowhere near as good as those of this vacuum brush head in just 10 minutes! It’s as if I took it to a cleaner’s. I have 2 cats, one of them is a Persian, and I’m very happy that I can keep my house clean with minimal effort!! Thank you for this product” – Eszter

I ordered it a week ago and it’s fantastic!

“I love it, thank you so much. It’s great.” – Zsedol

Truly spectacular results

“I ordered it on Friday, and tried it Monday morning! The results are truly spectacular. I absolutely recommend this product for people who struggle with similar problems. Thank you Drevi!” – Icu

This doesn’t need an advertisement!!!

“They didn’t ask me to advertise the product, and it doesn’t need advertising!!!” – Julia

Super good!

“I have one and it’s great! It can be used for a long time and barely fades!” – Mari

Very good!!

“Super I have one of these, it’s very good for animal fur!” – Anita

Very good I can’t recommend it enough!

“I already had one, it’s excellent I can’t recommend it enough!!!!!” – Gabriella

I use daily to this day

“I bought one in 1997, I use it daily to this day (with 6 cats) and it’s perfect. Many of my vacuum cleaners have died, but the vacuum brush head remains unscathed. In addition, you can clean up using only the head in just a few minutes. It has helped cleaned every bit of dust to this day.” – Gyorgyi Nagy

It collects every hair and bit of dirt

“I had one. I loved it, it collects every hair and bit of dirt. And the cat hair at my mother’s. You need to tighten it onto the tube.” – Lilla Tothne Olasz

Universal because it connects to every tube

“Great product, I’m on my third head now, and I believe it’s universal because it connects to every tube????” – Jurecska Tunde

You don’t need a high performance vacuum cleaner

“It connects to both of my vacuum cleaners! I have two long-haired cats and it collects their fur beautifully! And you don’t need a high performance vacuum cleaner to go with it!” – Aniko Takacs

This is what I’ve been waiting for!

“I couldn’t wait to finally receive this product. It lived up to my expectations and collects the dirt and animal fur in my apartment beautifully. I recommend it.” – Heni

The clothes brush is very good too

“I also have two at home and the clothes brush is also very good. I have five cats. It works with every vacuum cleaner.” – Pecsics Noel Maine Gabriella

I’ve had it for a year and it’s still excellent

“I’ve had one for a year now and it’s very good I love you it collected everything” - Ingrid Rahnfeld

I’m very satisfied!

“I’ve been using it for 2 years and I’m very satisfied!!” – Moni Nemes

I have 3 cats, I need the help

“After a lot of thinking I ordered it and didn’t regret it, I have 3 cats and I needed the help” – Gabi Mezei

I ordered on too

“I ordered one too and I’m very satisfied with it!” – Kati Szimandline

It’s good for collecting dirt

“I have one too, although I don’t use it anymore. When I bought it I had a dog and it cleaned up his fur very nicely. If I recall correctly I bought one in 2002. All I have left now is the 2 fabric linings. I don’t have a dog anymore, but the linings are useful in collecting lint at times” – Zsuzsanna Maximillian

Great invention!

“This is an excellent invention and works with every vacuum cleaner!!!! I only have good things to say about it!!!!” – Ibolya Iser Karolyne

Cat and dog hair 100% cleaned up

“We had one of these! It’s really good! Sadly we broke the head, but we still use the fabric linings inside to this day! It collects cat and dog fur with 100% efficiency. It’s the best tool for removing durst from coats!” – Vaizer Akos

Indispensable alongside two dogs

“We had one of these too. It was indispensable alongside two dogs… Then one day it disappeared and I couldn’t get my hands on another one I recommend it for everyone! I loved it!” – Csilla Szentesi Bakkne

I also think it’s great

“I had one too while I had a cat, I also think it’s great!” – Margit Czifra

It worked for us

“We ordered one too. It worked for us. Thank you!” – Kitti Fazekas

Essential for cat and dog owners

“I’ve been using it for 10 years, it’s only just started to give up the fight. It’s an essential tool for cat and dog owners. I’d love to purchase a new one, but would prefer picking it up to delivery. I bought the current one at a cat show. Will this become an option? Because delivery is too expensive for me.” – Bea Ledniczky

I vacuum every day

“It worked for me. I have 4 cats at my apartment and I vacuum every day. It’s a bit smaller than a standard vacuum brush head, but that isn’t important. If this one stops working I will definitely buy a new one.” – Erika Enisz Janosne

The head can be used on its own

“The good thing about it is you can also just use the head.” – Bokorne Tarti Szilvia

I’ve been using it for 15 years

“I have one too, I’ve been using it for at least 15 years, I use it rarely because I don’t have pets, but I love it!!” – Jozsefne Angela Rohrbacher

I received what was advertised

“I received mine 2 days ago. It’s great! It sucks like a dragon! I received what was advertised.” – Holhos Karolyne


“I ordered one of these for my old vacuum, I don’t remember where from, over 15 years ago. It was great!!!” – Agnes Juhos

Very good

“It’s very good I have one, I just changed the red lining” – Veronika Petrovics

I recommend it for everyone

“I received mine a week ago and it’s very good, I recommend it for everyone, and I’d like to thank Drevenka Krisztián for such a fast delivery! Excellent.” – Eva Szne Demeter

Very good!

“Very good!” – Katalin Viragos

I’ve been using it for 20 years

“I’ve been using this vacuum brush head for over 20 years. It’s excellent at cleaning up animal fur, hair, and dirt. It works with every vacuum thanks to its screw-on feature.” – Anna Bartha

This isn’t a scam!

“I recommend this product, it isn’t a scam! You may be familiar with the clothes brush, it’s available at Rossman or DM. It cleans up the dirt easily thanks to the bristles that face each other! The spare lining is a good idea.” – Ibolya Kiraly

I’m very satisfied!

“I’m very satisfied with it! It’s very good!” – Moni Nemes